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James Reardon

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Founder of BetterMember
Founder of BetterMember LLC.
Raised in East Liverpool, Ohio I have family and friends in the area. Networking in the local area I still see great potential like many of those that reside here because they were raised here as well. I see growth in the city schools in the past couple of years and think things are heading in the right direction once again. Also many additions to the downtown area of East Liverpool I see the great potential of an increase of the working class and people with special trades will help also to rebuild this area. There are many separate groups and individuals contributing to the future of this city.

For that reason I had decided to stay and build a business network platform here in the local area offering online services such as networking, advertising and website build and design. My interest in computers started at a young age paying special attention to programs and the way they work. Teaching myself to code at an early age and changing programs to see which other ways I could get them to work.


I found that web-design wasn't much different from coding the old dos prompt programs and execution of batch files. Beginning working the basic HTML in early 1998, then finding geocities which was purchased by yahoo around the year 2000 and beginning to code and learn more about how coding works. Later around 2004 with the growth of myspace where coding was part of profile building on new social media platforms that launched all around the same time. In early 2005 I ran across another social media platform geared more towards business networking called Ryze. I launched a profile on there which also offered coding as part of the profile builds on the platform. Not so long after I realized that I was fairly good at coding and building fairly advanced profiles offering alternating designs in some aspects. I began coding for network connections that I made on those Ryze and MySpace social media platform for others for profit. Then launching a few websites for a few individuals that I made by 2006 and 2007.

Working fulltime as a lab technician for over a decade while doing web-design and coding while continuing to learn. Around 2007 I began learning about PHP and MySql and how that ran. Finally building a social network of my own using SMF software, I found that I was easily able to change the code in that as well and learning a lot more about PHP and how functions work. It didn't take long to realize how many bugs there was with the code of smf software once I was able to read all the code and understand it. I decided to scrap the idea of the social networking platform and do a custom build of my websites. I began building more custom websites for clients in PHP with a MySql database making websites interactive and changing information.

In 2017 working as a paraprofessional for East Liverpool City Schools during the summer break in July 2017 I launched my hobby into a business platform as I developed a couple successful sites for friends and continue to program this site to expand it and launch another product. Under BetterMember LLC. I will operate BetterMember Online Services offering Web-hosting, Custom Web-design, Advertising and specialty online software for clients to use.