James P Reardon Sr.
East Liverpool, Ohio 43920
My Work

Custom Web design : I write custom websites in php and mysql to fit the needs of the clients. PHP and MySql Databases let websites maintain an interactive site. My websites are run on a shared hosting through godaddy and database are localhost.

Advertising : Through BetterMember LLC main site we have a variety of advertising opportunities for current or new clients through sites that are hosted by BetterMember.

BetterMember Rocks : This product is a simple QR code that is attached to the BetterMember Rocks website. These QR codes will make your painted rocks interactive with the website adding another level of fun for your painted creations.

Classified Ads : $ocail $wap $hop is a free classified ads website serving East Liverpool, Ohio and the surrounding area.

More to Come : There are other products and website software that I am currently working on. Be sure to check back, follow us facebook and twitter, even sign up for our newsletter to be the first to learn.

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