James Reardon

James Reardon

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Founder of BetterMember
Founder of BetterMember LLC.
With more than two decades working online and developing custom websites and themes. I am always studying latest trends and new developments with the online tools and resources to bring a unique feel to each clients website whether it be a personal website or for business.


BetterMember Online Services

Here at BetterMember we strive to create a suitable work environment for you and your business. Using the latest tools and resources we are able to create a more modern look for your business.

A variety of services


Custom Website

an online service

Websites with a custom build to fit our clients needs. While specailizing in PHP and MySql, custom CSS will give your website a unique design.



Hosting and Domain

You can now Register your domain name and select hosting through BetterMember Online Servie.

BetterMember Rocks

BetterMember Rocks

Painted Rock Product

This product is a simple QR code that is attached to the BetterMember Rocks website. These QR codes will make your painted rocks interactive with the website adding another level of fun for your painted creations.